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"Which is better, The Bible or the koren?"

"The Quran?"

"so that one."

this is the saddest post of all time it makes me want to cry

"Why are pyramids that shape? Is it to stop homeless people from sleeping on them?"

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"It wasn't just men causing problems. A new form a human being called the teenager was evolving."
"Teenagers were creatures that LOOK like adults, but have the minds of children"

"its like they took a steak and cut it up"

"that is exactly what they did"

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disco elysium is gay sex with leftist overtones

"bophadees is a valid troll name"

"no it isnt???"


cops do not like it when you own illegal drugs.

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love the homestuck girl trolls: radio, north american free trade agreement, teriyaki, brisket, and falafel

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Facebooks Vision Of The Metaverse Is Very Funny In That Their Idea Of A Virtual Environment In Which You Can Theoretically Be Anything Is To Force You To Be A Nintendo Wii Version Of Your Real Face Without Legs
The Same Soulless Inexpressiveness Of Facebook Itself But Transposed Somewhere It Makes Even Less Sense

i cant believe they forced jason derulo to sing Han Solo

lesbians be writing the realest, most emotional poetry simply by longing for their partners

people who make rabies jokes simply do not know how terrifying rabies is, it's an existential threat to all life on this planet, it's been here as long as we have and it will never go away.

"one day I will move the ocean"

out here writing fucking poetry in the tags and making me tear up what the FUCK gideon

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