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Was there a point to bringing it up related to what I was saying or did you just think it was interesting and wanted to share?

But anyways, the reason I mention conflict in my stories is because the details of the conflict are what I'm always missing. I have everything else.

This is not about looking to conflict as the driving force of the story, it's just about finding where the conflict lies when you're trying to do such a thing.

"new element can I add that changes the story" is a type of conflict. The change itself is the conflict.

Conflict is necessary for good, engaging storytelling. You can tell a story without any conflict, but why would you?

You are right in that you can tell a "story" without conflict. By story I mean, you can describe a sequence of events in which nothing conflict-like happens. But there's no point in that.

I said there needs to be some kind of conflict. I did not say it needed to come from within the story itself.

It does, though, I just explained how it does. The conflict exists extrinsically.

which I argue is not the absence of conflict from the equation altogether, just the absence of conflict within the text. Instead, the conflict comes from within our minds, the conflict being "why is this new thing being introduced?", which is then resolved by the end when the first half is brought together with the second

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i looked up the thing you were talking about and it's essentially replacing what we call "conflict" with adding an element to the story that was not there before

just telling people a thing that happened, there's no reason for anyone to care

like sure, you can have a story without conflict, but what's the point?

a story without conflict would be

a man is walking down the street.

guy arrives at the bus stop.

guy gets on the bus.

bus drives away.

the bus starts to drive away

that's the conflict

the bus driver stopping the bus on his own is the conflict being resolved

that is a conflict, though, it's just not one that is solved by the character we are following

very obviously just a personal thing I've always wanted to do something with

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