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Hey, on a serious note, I don't want any minors following me on any of my accounts, I won't post lewd things on this account, but I still don't feel comfortable with y'all following me just because of other accounts that have it. I try not to follow y'all either but it can be difficult without everyone having their age on their profile. If I see you follow me and you're a minor there's a p good chance I'll block you so just don't (Copied over from prior account to pin.)

:33 < cat facts, I'm a sl33py bitch edition
did mew know that cats are full of two things? love, and wiggles

:33 < cat facts are back!
if mew don't abolish capitalism for yourself, do it fur your cat, since capitalism is inherently anti cat, by taking you away from them so much

:33 < I'm nyot gonna lie, I got busy with work and furrgot about catfacts

:33 < is that a plane? a bird? a cloud?
no! it's cat facts!
did mew know that cats exist for themselves, and are not designed to be a play thing to be set aside once you're done? they are individuals, with thoughts and feelings, and if mew can't handle having one past the initial excitement phase, then you shouldn't get one to begin with. they rely on mew to help take care of them, and if mew don't, then they aren't gonna last too long in your care.
not everyone has the ability or patience to take care of pets, and that's okay. it means you shouldn't have one yourself, but not that you can't interact with them. there are plenty of places like cat cafes and the like where you can go to just be abld to interact and play with them, while not having to take care of them yourself

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:33 < cat facts!!!!
cats don't inherently hate water, it's just that for most housecats, they don't get put around large amounts of water very often. If mew introduce your cats to it as kittens, and slowly, with lots of positivity and calmness, they will start to grow used to it and be fine with it. think, if mew had never experienced water besides drinkinh it, and someone threw mew into a big pool of it suddenly, wouldn't you be scared too?

:33 < cat facts!!!!!!!
cats are soft and good fur stim

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:33 < cat facts, the hottest mews edition!
cats can, should, must, and will commit arson

:33 < see, kibby can do arson

((I spent more time on this than i should've))

:33 < catch me out here doing all my quirks and no color bc confusing fur kibby

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