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i got the site back down to $75 a month which is progress i guess lmao

if u wanna help there is a patreon, but the site isn't in danger of going down so obviously u don't gotta give anything!

im back and the depression this week is only gonna get worse because i can't shave until sunday lmaoooo

i am speepy,,, also my body might incorrectly process the estrogen from pills which would explain a lot

ill find out tomorrow what happens when you mix pin curls with RAVE hairspray and just let that bitch set overnight

god im so tired

also i found out im starting to do that thing where i almost faint when i stand up from a squatting position and i will be able to see a doctor about it in like 3 weeks >.>

ur feelings are valid and i hope it gets better

also okay yeah i actually know what you're talking about now

yeah i have no idea what that is lol i got stupid bitch disease

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