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Commissions Open!

Profile Pic: $6 (Up to shoulders, same extras as bust.)
Busts: $10 (Single color bg, also get transparent)
Panel (650x450): Base is $20, includes up to 2 characters and a basic bg
Lyrics/Mutlipanel: Base is $30, includes up to 2 characters and a basic bg

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i got the site back down to $75 a month which is progress i guess lmao

if u wanna help there is a patreon, but the site isn't in danger of going down so obviously u don't gotta give anything!

I think i sound really good in this one :3

New Trick!

Hope you enjoy <3

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"heart of the cards!!!!" i yell as i cheat and steal your deck and run away

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"w-wait, it's all pot of greed?"

"always has 8een"

i mean thats easy tho you just gotta control the cards uwu

POV: You have 3 Blue-Eyes and lethal, and can win after your opponent’s next turn but they have the Heart of the Cards.

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i love magic and i think i did good on the trick. today is good

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