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I’m still not sure where I want to end up except I want to be able to legally own a raccoon so my choices are slim


I’m gonna get some nibblies then maybe nap we’ll see

Omg thank uuuu that’s gonna make it a lot easier until payday

Hey fediverse, I’m not doing great for food and need some help for tomorrow and having something to eat before I nap tonight would be chill if you can help

I got hypnosis and sleep meds i can definitely sleep X3 I just don’t wanna rn

I might actually head to bed soon tomorrow is either going to be a ton of walking around and trying to get footage or planning depending on if it rains as much as the forecast says

Yeah, I’m still trying to get better at parsing that for myself, and allowing myself to actually feel romantic love.

Turns out PTSD really fucks with how you can parse that

Yeah At this point I can tell it’s comphet for me, and I’m okay with that tbh.

I’m getting better at learning what I want at least

Its just kinda weird tbh?

I usually just kinda sidestep but at some point I’ll just be like “yo I’m a lesbian lmao” and it’ll be fine

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