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guys I just thought 21+20=50,,,, I have passed calculus

what if the calamity song from volume 8 is actually calamity's theme

is it allowed to just... write fanfic here and post it under the cut? this place allows up 12k words after all.

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Dave. Words have meaning, you know. You can't just say things like this.

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I'm fuckign making mac and cheese and nobody can stop m-

literally just figured out how to view the main posty stuff, which is. Highly Embarrassing.
i didn't realize column one was just the dashboard and not the main stream of content. i just thought this place was really quiet haha

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oh my gosh boosts are rebubbles thats beautiful

that is... a significant number of client players for ten minutes of activity

what does the connected as client player mean
also oh wow that's a huge character limit how did i not see that

A Homestuck Instance. Just all of the Homestuck. All of It.