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If you ever need tips or tricks on dealing with random things (coughs, tears in your favorite shirt, how to get the neighborhood cat to say hello to you), I'm your dude. I spent my formative years consuming home remedies out of spite.

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Hi. The name's Kenn. I think Bro is super pretty, so I draw him a lot. My hobbies include art, headcanon-sharing, and deep introspection. I dropped out of college at sixteen after calling a tenured instructor "arrogant bastard". Clinically paranoid, pretty sad, anxious but in a funny way. I talk about kinstuff occasionally. I'm thinking about becoming a comedian.

is back in business, everyone. Pay your respects to the birth of a legend. is having a good time, having a good time, having a good time !!

Me, trying to explain how Mastodon and instances work to my partner as they listen dully to my rambling drone of a voice with glazed over eyes:
Them: That's swell, honey.

I am going to MUNCH I am going to CRUNCH the rich

Wow, I really do have a habit of returning in May, huh? Let's see if this stint lasts longer.

He didn't have as great a time as she did but it was a blast nonetheless to have people asking how he got in and when they'd be seeing more Vriska & Dirk shenanigans.

A quick and dirty reply I made for one of the blogs I work on. We had an April Fools' event where we became a Daily Dirks blog instead of Daily Vriskas and it was a grand time.

Might end up posting some of what I've been working on, or at least what's been posted already. It'd mostly be Vriska stuff, but the daily grimdark blog will be open in June! Very excited to draw more but for the masses.

Been thinking about popping back on here to let y'all know I've been drawing again. Finally! Participating in some Daily Blogs really got my juices flowing and I feel productive again.

Hoo wow. It's been a second. How is everyone doing?

Yes, I'm back! I did post more Grimdirk recently, so feel free to check out his tag from the pinned post on my profile.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through a lot there, Jane. But I'm glad you're doing well at the moment. As for me, well! It's my day off. I've been drawing a lot.

I might be back around tomorrow night with more Grimdirk content and whatnot, so stay tuned for all of that if you'd like.

Heading to bed for the night, folks. I hope your date goes well, Jake, and that you have a good time besides.

I'm really good at the idea of a first date and the metaphysical concept of a relationship but I'm also a questioning aromantic so remember to take all advice from all parties with a grain of salt.

Arson is a third date deal, as are other types of vandalism. To shore her up for this, give her a copy of The Anarchist's Cookbook.

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