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if u don't love connie nyapeta dni

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pronoun time neo 

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part 5 spoilers oops 

jotaro has god-like ability and then giorno just went "like?" and became god

dude you just actually described the plot of jojo's bizarre adventure part 5 golden wind

oh shit wait a second why am i now leading the mafia?

haha watch this. -eats a small bit of time-

oh wait i have to add something to diego

technically part 1 and 3 spoilers? 

you better not be being gay for mr dio brando

ok here let me reword my sentence since evil vampires are very good in general

i am as well but not specifically dio

you better not be being gay for evil vampires

my initials are mad which i think is in character

my last name is dragon, a valid troll name

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