*listens to megalo strike back remixes all night* _ )

the fact of the matter is that each of the duos of undertale represent chara and asriel somehow and I am the chara of my duo

@undyne i am the chara of the chara and asriel duo

@chara @bun @undyne ...does it? sometimes I think that if you put two Charas in the same room together, we'd end up burning the place down and shouting "YOU DID IT" at each other the entire way

@chara @chara @bun the world is reaching a limit of how much chocolate it can produce it should be careful about how many charas it has

@undyne @chara @bun I'm gonna try to make a concerted attempt to like carob instead. cos yeah, I actually legit feel like I shouldn't get too used to chocolate being around all the time

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