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eating a gingerbread house is just tornado roleplay

sometimes my laptop stops making the sound of a construction site for a very brief moment and i know what heaven sounds like
it's so peaceful
even if for 1 second and a half
it feels great
i wish it was like that all the fucking time

big brain moment: practicing insanely precise ultra dashes at 60% game speed and increasing it incrementally every time you feel like you got it

i'm glad people are having fun with spotify wrapped but i am so fucking against all of that crap and i fucking hate spotify just in itself too

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i don't know what my most listened to artist or song or genre of the year is and i don't care and i certainly don't want a fucking app to know about this

"i thought you liked nighttime" nightTIME, it's about the TIME, not about the brightness of the outside!!!! i like when it's not work hours/the morning, i DO enjoy it when it's still clear outside at 10pm!!!

"ooh boi 5pm, better close the blinds and turn the lights on!" /i can't do this anymore

overall sure you could make a case for it, but not in this life

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