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haters will see you leave the bog on Tuesday and be like "oaky"

there's wind pushing you backwards and you have to bounce on moving snowballs

fuck this

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tempted to turn on assist mode again for this fucking room

do you actually need to wallbounce in chapter 8 and its B-Side?

I knew him when he was openly racist and would support the far right party here

then he was like your typical liberal

and now he's like
moderately leftist

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just talking politics to him and he'd be like "damn u rite" and then we'd say "dude, that's literally anti-capitalism/socialism/communism/whatever"

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my bro and I made our dad more leftist (well, *realise* he's more leftist than he thought) by doing that

asmr I explain communism to my dad but I don't tell him it's anarcho-communism so he agrees then I reveal to him I was explaining anarcho-communism all along

I got so sick of a room in 7b that I activated assist mode to have infinite dashes
I passed the room but did not go into the next one before savequitting to disable assist mode
so it hadn't saved my progress
I was like "uuuuUUUUUGH fuck this shit" and I ended up doing it legit in less than 10 tries after that

here's chapter 3
aka "the best chapter that is loved by everyone and that definitely nobody struggles with"

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