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Z)(alya: Introduce Your5elf =====> 

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hater5 will 5ee you leave the bog on Tue5day and be like oaky

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I'm gonna try and reac)( t)(e 5econd c)(eckpoint of my duo cour5e tonig)(t lmao

wa55up I ate ramen and laug)(ed at meme5 wit)( my bro lmao

welp, all I got left to do now i5
→ fini5)( t)(e commi55ion once and for all
→ language learnin
→ conlangin
→ makin mu5ic for fun if I feel like it lmao

welp, I'm done wit)( t)(e commi55Ion, let'5 )(ope t)(i5 one doe5 t)(e job

I )(ave no idea w)(at to do for t)(i5 vuckin commi55ion bro

like, I'd be 5cared of t)(em if I met one in t)(e wild or 5omet)(in but
t)(at 5)(it can be 100 km away from me and I'd 5till be like "o)( 5)(it, o)( vuck, run, run for your life, run"

R)(ino5 are 5cary but t)(ey don't
*fill* me wit)( t)(e 5en5e of dread I feel w)(en I 5ee a vuckin )(ippo

Meanw)(ile, 5pider5 ju5t *look* 5cary but mo5tly t)(ey won't )(arm you, )(ere
but I do not care for t)(at 5)(it at all, keep t)(em away from me, I won't )(urt t)(em or anyt)(in but A VV A Y

Moo5e5 are like
t)(e polar oppo5ite of 5pider5?

I love t)(em exactly becau5e t)(ey are terrifyin

Yea)(, exactly, t)(at'5 w)(at I wa5 tryin to put into word5, clove lmao

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