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i wrote the last bit because tsyn Aleþ shoriænyna ten þole, tonight


in folk tales, the clouds are guardian dragon spirits from Waiendil (the sun of Næçma) that routinely leave the star to watch over and protect the planet

when it was cloudy outside it was common to hear a Næçmar say "tsiv wellan níshevada" ("the dragons are out")(BE.3rdPPL out cloudNOM.PL.)

and when the sky was clear, it was said that they had returned to Waiendil, and that's why it burnt brighter that day, because the dragons were there, and their fire warmed up Næçma

when it rained it was said that the dragons were mourning one of their own, and their tears contained its soul, which returned to the soil as all living beings to become a part of Næçma itself, only to be reincarnated after joining the Heart-Sea (Shakajheg) into a new dragon

this led to the further belief that water holds the memory of the history of the world; the saying "agæsiv aion" (the water remembers)(REMEMBER.3rdPSG water) comes from there

when Jællén (Næçma's moon) was barely visible behind a veil of clouds, you could say "tsyn Jællén shoriænyna ten þole" ("the moon is veiled by wings")(BE.3rdPSG moon WING.DAT.PL by VEIL.PastPART)


"the colour pink" is "siájhewan"
a nominalisation of the adjective "pink-coloured" (siájhewe")

from "siáksin" (dawn) and "æjhewe" (poured, past participle of "æjhewul", to pour), literally meaning "the colour of the dawn being poured on something"

"siáksin" means "dawn" but it also means "dagger" (from "eksin", meaning "blade, knife")
in very old Næçmavish folklore, the dawn is the dagger of Oëder (the Day), betraying Væt (the Night)

no way most of the overwatch girls are straight, activision blizzard is just objectively wrong also they're tryina union-bust

i wanted to convey the meaning of uh

brain is bwaaaaah ← ( ) → /////.,,,;,;,,,//?,,, and my thoughts are in there just NYOOOOM~~~~ >>>>>>> .... and if i want to understand one i have to tweezers

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i wanted to write a post
i know what i wanted to convey but i didn't know how to put it in words
so i tried thinking about it
then i forgot about it
and this is all that remains of that thought process

i hate this whole "oh you shouldn't think so much, it's not in line with the plans of the universe" bitch, the universe simply is and it made us, and it gave us the ability to think too much, why should it be "distancing" rather than "connecting"

i mean i wouldn't be surprised if there was some shit like "oh yeah we're more connected to the universe in infancy and then we lose that connection" tbh

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babies: "goo goo ga ga"
"language of light" folks: "how transcendent"

i'm like "it's literally the same thing but since now i'm codifying it to mean a specific thing and putting it through a specific grammar it's not the same thing anymore"

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there's this very new age hippie weird concept called the "language of light"?
apparently it's when you stop thinking about language and meaning and just let everything come to you and like idk "the universe speaks through you" or some shit like that
so it has no fixed alphabet, no fixed phonetic inventory, no fixed grammar, no nothing
it's literally whatever
and every time i just make random sounds to create a word i think about that

you don't need an answer immediately, i'll just tackle verbs last because they are a lot

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