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I dunno, man 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm Catra fuckin Strider
And I'm cooler than you

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it vuckin baffle5 me t)(at t)(e creator of t)(e orange and pink le5bian flag i5 younger t)(an me

5ometime5 w)(en it'5 relevant i mention t)(at meteor fir5t tried )(ornet 2 in cir casual and you got legit amazing 5peedrunner5 goin like "w)(at t)(e vuck, did ce c)(eat or 5omet)(ing"

ju5t drove to a train 5tation and back wit)( my dad
w)(y are people on t)(e road vuckin dick)(ead5

actual "5ub 3 )(our5 106%" 5peedrunner )(avin a bad run and goin "lake, can you come fini5)( t)(i5 run for me, t)(i5 i5 )(one5tly terrible" and i'm like "ma'am, i'm 5till practi5ing fireball 5kip5"

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