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Z)(alya: Introduce Your5elf =====> 

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hater5 will 5ee you leave the bog on Tue5day and be like oaky

gonna 5ound like 5)(it on t)(e violin for like an )(our or 5omet)(in, now

5o really t)(at A major in t)(e fir5t exerci5e? It'5 a 5urpri5e tool t)(at will )(elp u5 later

I mean, not really, 'cau5e t)(ere i5 an open G 5tring but everyt)(in for 15 page5 never u5e5 anyt)(in pa5t t)(e two fir5t 5tring5 I t)(ink

t)(ey 5witc)( to D major on page 16 w)(en t)(ey 5tart u5in t)(e open D 5tring and I'm bettin t)(ey're gonna 5witc)( to G major once t)(ey 5tart u5in all 5tring5

finger placement5 in fir5t po5ition make it 5o you're playin F, C, and G 5)(arp

for t)(i5 one it'5 unnece55ary but for con5i5tency t)(ey ju5t put everyt)(in related to tec)(nical exerci5e5 in fir5t po5ition in A major

w)(y i5 t)(i5 5imple exerci5e for t)(e open -E 5tring in A major?

Like, w)(y t)(e vuck are t)(ere 3 5)(arp5 after t)(at treble clef w)(en it'5 ju5t about playin t)(e -E 5tring?????

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