not a knife, but... 

and this is Lys which I found at an antique store

oh and the kukri was a gift from an ex

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this is a pic from wikipedia, that kukri has the karda (middle) and chakmak (bottom)

there's little holes in the scabbard to sheathe them beneath the kukri (that second pic is from mine)

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from left to right:

- kvaþiag (little thorn), bought at a flea market
- hvalian (splinter), same
- eksar (feather-blade), gift from a neighbour
- metsem (night, only name in my conlang Aśna instead of Næçmarö), ordered from a military surplus
- samón (wound), gift from my parents

second image is kālī (black, in Sanskrit), a replica of a kukri (the blade is a little dirty from grease, it was very tight in its scabbard, it's also missing the usual karda and chakmak which are smaller blades typically used alongside the main knife)

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