@lunaticScientist there is a history of the terms "butch" and "femme" being used amongst drag queens, it's very niche (and iirc mostly men of colour? but don't quote me on that) but it has precedent

that's what's neat about judaism, it ain't bad to disagree, it's almost encouraged :]

"damn, you're disagreeing with some jews over matters pertaining to the religion you wish to adhere to?" i know right, i learn quickly

and like that means no using cds/radios and like i ain't about a musicless life

i'm glad there's more than one type of judaism because from an orthodox standpoint you can't use electronic devices during shabbat

can i get a doctor to prescribe me money, has anyone ever tried that, what can they do if the dude's like "looks like you need some cash" huh?

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