did i actually read "are cis gay men queer? as in 'outside of cisheteronormativity'?" like you need to go talk to real people or perhaps read a book

@quartz yeah, i'm not a fan of desktop reading either
i find phones worse tho lmao but i definitely get the feeling

@quartz there's a lot of shit in homestuck that used to be supported by flash, so if you read from the original website you might miss animations and stuff, but there's a site that has preserved them: bambosh.github.io/unofficial-h

love noticing the girls checking me out in public
it's like "lol you don't know i'm a lesbian, that makes you gay"

I asked my bro "would you consider Ferdinand von Aegir a girlboss" and he said "no that's Edelgard"


me: "double trouble"
my brain, in the "a child" voice: "dream theater"

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