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meteor, how do they conceptualise time, cause that might be relevant to conjugation

that will pretty much only matter for vocab anyway, and i'm not gonna really get around to that before a while
all the examples in the txt are basically lorem ipsum to test out things

still messing around with the phonaesthetics but i wanna tackle the grammar more tonight

my name is lake
the infinity train character is from the mirror dimension
næçma's largest island, pogonajhegæs, is home to the þangæmo lake, which means "mirror lake"

the plot thicken...

i want to be able to be awake constantly and know more stuff than any mortal on this planet ever could

think what you will about tolkien but he was right, trees kinda goated

i was gonna say "sussus amogus destroyed the british empire" likes charge boosts cast

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if it weren't for the roman empire there would be no france! can you think about that for a second?
if anything, feminism destroyed it too late

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the folks saying "feminism toppled the roman empire" are wrong but if they were right it still would mean feminism is good
the fuck i care about the roman empire
if respecting women made it fall apart then it was shit to begin with

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