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Uncolored busts $5
colored busts $10
the next are always colored
Waist ups $15
Full Body $20

DM me if you're interested! (This is the first time ive done this! please be kind 👉🏿 👈🏿 )

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I have an illness that makes me love aliens and be gay it's called being a fucking genius

:ms_pink_triangle: Damien :ms_pink_triangle: boosted this vine stands in the door way of my room and repeats til i pass out from fear

My job shouldn't charge me to eat just sayin

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TG: me, an hour is still real fucking good it took us like a year and a wrist tatoo

Cop ment 

Cop ment 

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say waht ever you want about about masto but its never done this to me

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Fuxk I forgot i hate one of my coworkera so much

im not at work just it happend yesterday and im not ever gonna be over it

if you order from pizza 2 days in advance then cancel 3 minutes before we send a driver im gonna kill you

I will not shut up, I told a friend I got employed at pizza hut and he said "what a sad existence, oh my god" And I started cry laughing

I hope y'all didnt forgwt I never shut the fuck up

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