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Uncolored busts $5
colored busts $10
the next are always colored
Waist ups $15
Full Body $20

DM me if you're interested! (This is the first time ive done this! please be kind 👉🏿 👈🏿 )

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I have an illness that makes me love aliens and be gay it's called being a fucking genius

If you're not coloring bases AND shading them fuck off

Roxy lalonde if youre out there; Mom i love you

I will say waht ever the FUCK i wanrt. you CANNOt tell me what to do.

i eill be a fictinv I WILL kin what ecer the FUCK i want, fuck you die.

you know what? i love this place even if we do attack eachother viciously for 3 minutes every 6 days

I love all of you if you need advice on getting counseling/therapy, dm im on 90% of the time,

just talked to my therapist he diagnosed me with adopting you syndrome

the only self dx i did was backed up by my therapist also if you bring it up to your therapist they should help you look into it, if they ont.. you can drop them, you can find doctors who will help you

ace flag colors pretty, thank you for coming to my ted talk

delusion: this happened youll obsess over it NOW
me: sir yes sir!!

sometimes you shake in anger then realize your anger was in a delusion but youre still mad

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