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ate 3 children. it was a slow roast. one was spiced with cajun seasonings. another, sweet baby ray’s barbecue sauce. and the last? lemon and garlic. 24 hours. it falls off the bones. true fine cuisine.

Shoutout to Eren Yeager for consciously going through with something that most definitely will be a massive fuck up but doing it anyway because he hates people

I just read the rest of Attack on Titan because i got tired of waiting for the anime to come out

Goes to show what I know. Modern tomatoes are Mexican, not Peruvian!

Since tomatoes come from south america does that make bob the tomato a peruvian preacher of the gospel

i have thick curly hair and they said it'd benefit it so

I remember when I first joined everyone was sending eachother valentines cards, and I had just made one so i was reminded of this place. Here it is!

18:00 marks the hour and i still haven't collected all the images of puppy Legosi out there

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