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how do you do do you do the things that you do

some typing quirks i simply cannot read. my brain wont allow it

i have had more caffeine in the few hours ive been awake than any human being should have in a week

mother is home. let the headache begin

its that time. the best time. the most important time. ramen time!

time to slurp up my noodles like i havent eaten in days

get out of bed and make tea? nobody saying bad idea? TEA TIME!!!

a disappearing act will be performed shortly

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shinobu being cute. to bless your timelines.

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sitting in front of the fireplace watching anime with my headphones in while my dad watches some dumb show on the tv is a wild time

being covered with a fluffy blankie wearing fluffy socks is such a good feeling ^•^

everything i've ever known about english grammar is wrong wtf

neurotypical humans dont deserve rights js

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i do not vibe with being vertical for more than 2 minutes at a time

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/screen cracking as it meets my fist sound

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