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< we spOiled Ourselves characters OF hOmestuck :X >

If you know this, you get a veteran discount

▲ ▲

< reminder that i still haven't received a prOprer deFinitiOn OF kin >

I really like trollian because it's the perfect album for the last 6 months, still holding well.

< sO.

@eleskar_bot is nOw a thing.

it's a bOt that dO markOv chain OF my tOOts and @eleos tOOts. they are mOstly in French but this is already pretty Fun. >

< Okay eleOs and i are deFinitly in a ♦️ relatiOnship >

I think we're to have starting a ♦️​ with liskar

< hOrnless aliens have sOme talents i have tO admit >

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