vote on this poll but only some people are allowed to s33 it

being bundled up in huge comforters is so stress relieving and i think its beclaws it activates the 'held by large mother cat betw33n paws' instinct

im going to facilitate helpful algae blooms in local bodies of water just for funzies i think

i LOVE thunder and rain and if the forecast is right tomorrow there is a thunderstorm . i could NOT be happier

why are my vocal stims always scientific names for things >_< mahajanasuchus im looking at mew

HEHE OH YEAH i for got to post about it earlier cuz There Were Other Things The Instance And Also Me Were Preoccupied With but i got another spirit beast pet for my hunter :)c

clove dni i hungryposting 


i have f33lings about people who perpetuate the stereotype of nature aligned beings being 'pacifistic' or 'against killing' by nature U_U liek They Are Nature Aligned . What Do U Think Happens In Nature For Its Parts To Stay Alive And In Working Order .

a wisdom 

ohhhh oh i am simply a personification of the eternal growth and decay cycle ever present in the forest

i f33d connie(me) snack of cookie dough :)

still thundering super hard . *blows a kiss to the storm gods*

oaaawawawa im still scared about buying things online -_- u think i know what a shipping cost is

i s33 them i bite them and scratch them with my talons

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