???, nsfw?, i guess? 

|| yo i just noticed my art has ACTUALLY improved lmao ||
|| (the one on the left is actually mine dw, it was just posted like a millenia ago so i no longer have the original copy so i took it off my instagram lmao) ||

lord english, doc scratch, art, photograph, swearing 

photograph of a school setting, assembly, wierd af 

[pulse][colorhex=]|| when you dont have a skirt as your parents dont believe in you being nb, so you tie your coat to your waist and zip it to function as a skirt ||[/colorhex][/pulse]

<{ i have no idea what emotion this sprite edit im doing conveys help |]

splatoon 2 ost gay on main 

the one gay klk fan in paradox space 

image attached 

image attached also splatoon 

of aspect wheels and bad recolours 


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