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GC: my g3nd3r 1s
GC: non3
GC: 1 h4v3 no g3nd3r
GC: 1m not r34l

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TG: im reading a book and i feel called out by one of the lines
TG: ''what was she going to do, cry until high school?''
TG: thats basically what i did

GC: 1 h4v3 th3 sudd3n urg3 to h4v3 4 cl4ss tr14l w1th my stuff3d 4n1m4ls
GC: so th4t 1s wh4t 1 w1ll do

GC: just m3t 4noth3r c1r4v4 k1nn13 so now w3 just v1b1ng

G): 1 h4v3 n9 1d34 why th3 ) 1s 71k3 th4t but 9h w377

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hAving a job
i'm gonnA kEEp steAling government's money

GC: h3 s4w 1t but h4snt r3spond3d 1m 4ctu4lly sc4r3d holy fuck

GC: 4cc1d3nt4lly s3nt th3 d4v3 4 curs3d k4rk4t 1m4g3 out of f34r 1m sc4r3d

GC: ok4y 1 sh4ll 4ppro4ch th3 d4v3 but 1f 1 m4k3 4 wrong f1rst 1mpr3ss1on 1 w1ll 4ctu4lly g1v3 up on t4lk1ng to p3opl3 4nd r3m41n 1n my 4nt1soc14l hol3 1n th3 groud

GC: 1m 4fr41d 1ll 3nd up s4y1ng or do1ng som3th1ng compl3t3ly stup1d

GC: but how do 1 4ppro4ch p3opl3 w1thout g3tt1ng n3rvous

GC: my w1sh h4s com3 tru3
GC: 1 found 4n 1rl d4v3
GC: now t1m3 to f1gur3 out how to b3com3 h1s fr13nd

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