misinfo, its the moon not mars :( 

N> woah mars is really close today!

N> apperently total solar eclipse in like 22 min
N> but im not allowed to be up :(

N> curse of social media is
N> i want to share almost every page of every book im reading
N> but id fill up the tl so much id become rlly annoying
N> and i mean
N> every.
N> page.

N> wtf do i put
N> full time, part time, temp, seasonal
N> if i want to work as much as possible
N> summer i can do any day
N> but for school days when school happening i have set times i can/cant work
N> like is that part or full?? or is it seasonal or possibly temp???

i fucking love the misinfo cw

every time i see it, i get so excited, like, what delightful lies do you have for me today

N> grr bc of the image thing i cant share this funny part in books im reading

N> i suck at building in minecraft but i like to think about it
N> also i mean i get so scared of combat that i end up just farming or helping others in the end
N> only combat i do handle well is space dogfighting which is kinda weird

N> the mental thing i do while reading
N> where its like "after end of page/paragraph i will end"
N> on every single page is so harmful
N> even when im so invested its like oh shit i need to stop! when ive only read like five pages
N> usually i sit and read 40 pages at a time
N> (doesnt matter the word density/formatting)
N> but i could do so much more and its annoying how i havent progressed past a 40 page stopping point

babies: "goo goo ga ga"
"language of light" folks: "how transcendent"

N> need to actually start making my webbed site
N> like i have a domain and shit but i havent made the site at all lmaooo
N> i also have to deal w the dmz for portforwarding and shit which is so easy to do but my dad is like
N> "uhm actually i have to click the checkbox so u dont get portforward untill later when i feel like it"
N> im not even kidding thats what he said (not exactly & not too derivative from what actually was said)
N> also might use same domain but different server for minecraft server on my old computer
N> i think all i have to do is make it so i can have like a play.domain.ending for the ip address for mc server
N> and like normal site not affected at all just same domain name
N> might just be a dumbass tho :p

N> i may wait until after i enroll/get in a college then change it while im in it to avoid like
N> idk whatever could happen

N> i still havent legally changed my name,
N> i plan to day of when i turn 18

N> would be funny if my middle name started with an x
N> im probably going to stick with claire tho
N> (inspired by what ppl call my online bc of username)

N> first time filling out application form
N> gas station job...

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