N: @plutoniumgrist at least u know the buyers are getting ripped off
N: that price is insane


N: @quartz ill ask my cs teacher when school starts i think


N: @quartz idk its weird bc afaik its what they report to colleges
N: like yes legal name i get that but when i setup collegeboard i remember it saying legal sex or something?? or not i forgot
N: i just stared at that page


N: @quartz this tho idk what this affects
N: like is it asking legal or ???


N: @quartz need them diversity points
N: already put transed sexual 😎😎


N: umm is this like appropriate use of this
N: like do i put this or no

N: girl y does masto hate webp when it converts everything to webp

health?? positive 

N: i think ive just been really lucky but my therapist and psychiatrist are like really cool
N: and trans related shit is like cool bc theyre cool and really all i want is diagnosis for my future for surgeries and shit ig
N: dont really understand the point of therapy tho but talking is cool lol
N: psychiatrist just is like take drugs see if it works which sucks and like idk sure mom liked when i was on thing but i was suffering and now im off everyone else and coworkers r like wow ur open now and cool and shit so like
N: its weird,,
N: but shes cool plus we one tried one thing but even then i dont get what were trying to help with especially since ive been doing so well recently

drugs, joke 

N: @ouch @dazed minecraft sugar cane (weed) dealing customers
N: scar was cia </3

N: ok so u remember how i was like names and cashapp
N: well i asked my mom and i got a cash card now (with MY name on it)
N: (legal is used for shit but it wont be on card or shown on profile or anything)
N: and like,, hells yeah
N: she just was mad bc its "another venmo" bc she doesn't use these apps,, but after showing her the boost thing she was like hmmmm maybe
N: so idk accidentally converted her to it too LMAO
N: but like a card with MY NAME on it <3 <3

N: @Paradox @bun just open discord desktop and press Ctrl Shift i
N: or f12 i forgor

N: was going to buy this sunscreen spray but its fucking 11 dollars for this small can???
N: like is that normal for sunscreen where spray more expensive than the um paste ???

N: @Paradox did they remove the right click thing?
N: use inspect element instead ig
N: in desktop client u just do same as chrome lol

N: @Paradox the ppl irl i just dont like!!
N: well there r some but like i dont want to make them suffer my listening to me go on about my interests and shit
N: ppl online r like already like me but not irl and it sucks but i wont date them unless we can meet irl so it's like
N: not happening

N: @Paradox ive always had a rule of no edating because i just cant do that
N: need physical
N: also when theyre online only they get too horny for some reason and i find that annoying
N: only times it is like i would be ok w it if its like im moving out of america with/to them and theyll help me figure out job and shit for when i get there & its mostly like arrangements then the actual dating happens later lol

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