Now I Need To Figure Out The Reader Panel I Actually Have No Idea How I Want It To Look

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As A Roxy Kin We Can Confirm Everyone Loves Roxy Wait Do I Still Have The Post

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cherish roxy lalonde all my homies love roxy lalonde

MFW I Am Mostly Mom Lalonde But A Little Roxy

Im Going To Burn Some Incense While I Finish These Up

Yay I Am Able To Add Them Without Breaking Everything Now.

One Last Team Member To Do

Oh Right And I Need To Make The One With The Reader. So Two More Panels

I Have One More Team Panel To Make, And I Need To Upload One So I Will Probably Do That Now

Okay So Now The Comic Pages Shouldn't Have The Bottom Section And Should Only Have The Comic.

Directory Search And Replace Is So Handy

Mikala Is The Loud One Thats How We All Know Her

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