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beej's personal intro 

πŸͺ² i wanna do a little introduction for myself

i'm beetlejuice but i go by beej, pronounced, well. like how google translate pronounces it in english (american english at least)

i go by he/they/beetle and i'm a fictive-factive-fucktive?? i'm alex brightman but i'm beetlejuice from the movie but i'm also beetlejuice from the musical and the show.

i've kinda mixed up in the years

i've been around for like. since 2014 and i recently came out of dormancy in october 2022. i'm kind of a tertiary host if that makes sense, i front if absolutely needed and willow and sollux aren't available

i am interested in my source, bugs (did you know that insects are bugs, but bugs aren't always insects?), and everything people consider "gross"
i love cryptids and i consider myself to be a mix of a cryptid and an eldritch horror hidden inside of a human body

i love clowns too and clowns are so cool.

for those who are interested, yes in the headspace i do have mood hair! it is very cool because i have issues conveying how i feel to others. wish this was how real life worked

anyways i think i'm pretty chill and i would like to get to know people here :-)

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obligatory introductory thread 

:33 < hello we are the corvine tragedy system and we change our name a LOT. we think this is final name but it is subject to change.
:33 <
:33 < frequent fronters you might s33 are
:33 <
:33 < willow - ⚰️ - pronouns vary
:33 < karrie - β™‹ - any pronouns
:33 < morti - πŸ’Š - he/she
:33 < conchita - 🍰 - any pronouns


people are talking about the communist manifesto and they are going to submit it in a school assignment ????

thank goodness for filters and cw's

ppl are going thru it, some are easily triggered

i know what words get me considering the headspace im in right now

and having them filtered shows me how often even this carefully curated tl of mine still *can* get to me

cw and filter often. you never know who you are saving from invading thoughts brought on by a single word

"Some people have to pretend you're a bad person so they don't feel guilty about the things they did to you."

Really needed this one today.



Hey, can y'all please CW examples of transphobia, e.g. screenshots of transphobic articles? My mental health is not great today and I'm guessing a lot of other trans people's isn't either.

If there is an un-CW'd post you want to boost:
1. Fucking don't
2a. Make your own CW'd post about it,
2b. Make a reply to the post with something like "CW: transphobia" and boost your own reply instead,
2c. Put the link to the post in a CW'd post of your own

my cat is chillin on my lap and he is purring

i have went to heaven

mutual aid (not entirely important, boosts appreciated) 

i feel bad asking again but the phone my boyfriend just gave me bricked. my mother will not buy me a phone because she doesn't trust me enough, and i don't think i would ever be able to gain the "trust" level she wants.

when i turn 16, i will be getting a job and saving money to buy a phone, but i need to save up a little sooner.

i have $0 currently and i need to have a phone for family reasons (i need to be able to talk to my biological father)

cashapp - $willowzheart

anything helps !!


sorry i was gone, i was too preoccupied with my boyfriend

it's been 15 hours since I have last spoken to my boyfriend and this isn't normal

I'm not winking. My crown broke off and now the nerve is exposed. It huuurts.

I have insurance which will pay for most of the replacement it but I still need $70 to get it fixed.

I'm hate to ask but if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

Cashapp $fdanger
Venmo francesdanger

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #mutualaidrequests #Natives #Native #Indigenous

vague vent about nothing of importance 

he said he'd join the call 4 hours ago,, and hes still not in the call

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