s⊝ d⊝es any⊝ne ⊝n tr⊝lliian kn⊝w ⊝f any b⊝⊝ks wiith genderless enby mcs.....preferably wriitten by genderless enbiies?.... ii just want s⊝methiing t⊝ read that can help capture thiis em⊝tii⊝n s⊝ ii can.....diiscuss and release iit?....

nah, I'm gonna practi5 my Alternian 5ome more before I try mixing it with quirk5

work (-) 

C:.ミ @craftyWordsmith we need t∞∞ address the hairy tuskbeast in the r∞∞∞∞m C:.ミ

C:.ミ we need t∞∞ lususificate the mast∞∞d∞∞n elefriend C:.ミ

Okay *roll5 up 5leeve5* Let'5 5ee if thi5 auto-quirk thing work5


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