[By being part of a culture that romanticises it and never having questioned it.]

[II know how strange it is to kin two characters who canonically knew each other but brothers? That's next level.]

[It's not that II have a real aversion to being associated with the quadrant, it's more about not really feeling the whole "having my display name constantly misinterpreted".]

[II would use "♣️" in my display name, honestly, because black clovers remind me of my universe, but II also know what it means for most people here. ]

[II don't have nails. My hands look like II'm wearing black gloves.]

[You can see my blue phosphor ring on my chest, actually.]

[It's alright. II mean, you couldn't exactly have guessed that II work on phosphor.]

[II'm a robot. II don't drink... II think? At least, II don't need to.]

[II shouldn't dwell on it too much... II guess II'll try to distract myself...]

[colorhex=FF007F][[I'm an engineer only in name...][/colorhex]

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