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Nonexclusive, but open to shippy nonsense. Will RP with kin. Feel free to be a dick to cro because he's into that shit;; Mun doesn't take it personally.

Mun info can be found @amporaooc ;; Please check there before following the account.

Feel free to ask for more info about me or my character.

i cant beliewve you all wvould vwote no wvhen it specifically said not to do that

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hey! maybe im talking about my bouyfriend! you dont knowv!

wvhile im here might as wvell leavwe this little ♠️ for a certain someone to find ;)

crush poll by request ;)
do you havwe a crush on me?

i still cant beliewve wve had a wvhole election wvithout any clowvn interference.

cute date ideas: hunt me through the dreambubbles for a slight ivwe committed against you and make me regret evwer havwing crossed your path ;)

its not that wve lost! wve just set back the release of our vwictory for another election cycle!

due to unfortunate circumstances, wve wvill not be servwing any red snacks at the post-election party. wve are sorry for this inconvwenience

okay actually ivwe decided to open up the guest list to also include cute gills, but that's IT so if youre not a supporter or a cute gill youre NOT INVWITED >;(

me and my supporters are havwing a swveet party after this election and NONE of you are invwited! >;(

gimme your bouyfriend applications so I can fill them out challenge

cute date idea: the lawvwvoman wvith a crush on you keeps beating you up wvhile youre in the middle of running a political campaign ♠️♠️

maybe so but I wvill nevwer givwe up fighting for all amporas! wve wvill havwe rights, yet!

i can't believwe you heathens dont wvant ampora rights!

listen! being cronus is wvhat some people look for in their politicians! you don't knowv wvhat I could do!

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