NSFW joke.................. I am not sure how to keep this going on local. Oh no. 

Hands on, eh?
I'm sure by the way everyone's been treating you, you must be an expert in that field.
Don't forget your knee pads while you're down there, alright fish boy?


wigglers dont look ;) 

@Bro enough experience to teach you a lesson or twvo, mr strider. im happy to help, but dont be afraid to listen to your instincts on this one if you wvant to take this lesson dowvn any particular roads. the heat of the moment is nothing to scoff at ;)

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wigglers dont look ;) 

@cronusampora That so.
So, is 'heat of the moment' what you trolls say when you chop each other up for fun, too?
Or are you just out to fill your bucket to whatever lowblood gives you the time of day?

wigglers dont look ;) 

@Bro nevwer let it be said that cronus ampora wvasnt a man of the people. lowvblood, highblood... wvhatevwer feels good is enough for me. im just a generous guy like that

unless... dont tell me you are JEALOUS mr strider. dont wvorry; theres plenty of me left for you, too.

wigglers dont look ;) 

Fair enough, ghosts do need hobbies. Probably don't even need protection.
An' I don't see anything to be jealous about, 'Mr. Ampora', you're as dead as I am and twice as ugly.
How many times did people tell you to wear the brown lunchbag, huh? You can tell me.

wigglers dont look ;) 

@Bro wvell you havwent so far, so i can only assume YOU like wvhat you see. unless you havwe bad taste on purpose? i could havwe guessed by looking at you, but i didn't expect you to be so bold about it.

but my face isnt the only thing youre here for, hmm? wvill you share the goods or shall i ask nicely?

wigglers dont look ;) 

Bro chuckled at the message, taking a break from the little chatroom to lay flat against the rock he'd claimed as his bed for the night. The tide seemed to fade in from nothingness, still a ways away, but clear indication he was indeed near some sort of oceanic memory.
He pondered a moment, coming up with nothing but anxiety from a world he no longer had a part in. Well.

He raised the phone again, light illuminating his cheeks from under the dark shades.

You can beg if you find me.

With that, he turned the phone off, getting rest for the night, for even the dead can find comfort in the memory of sleep.

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