goodbye everybody
ive got to go
gotta leave you all behind and face the truth

I opened tumblr and this was one of the first things on my dash, you're welcome

(^・ω・^) < and we gon make you lose ur mind

SH: :V Assigned cracker at birth.......ACAB????

i made a post with my thoughts about the whole archival thing here:

"Just because something’s publicly available doesn’t mean people want it harvested and stored forever by a dedicated group of data archivists. Posting your phone number on a billboard isn’t consenting to having your phone number posted online by an archival team. Neither is protesting in public, or having a conversation in public, or going skinny-dipping in public, or walking past a CCTV camera in public. Being in public does not mean you automatically consent to having your activities archived."

moirail & friend were talking about like. colors we see each other as once and i just wenr bonkers in yonkers. i went essay length. i love colur

:33 < nep-nep says: it's fun to say that around anyone with the sickness

@vriskaleijon sjdhfksfh. "average media has 4 gay characters" factoid actualy just statistical error. average media has 0 gay characters. Homestuck Georg, who lives on a website and has over 120 gay characters, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

okay sudden topic divergence. its time to talk about how jade harley is fucking Ripped

jade harley AND jade english are fucking Ripped. Shredded. she lives on an island and swims for Good Times. she climbs trees to see the sky. she is Feral and love to pick up her friends. she doesnt even need the space powers she can just crush things between her Mighty Palms. i love jade harley

jade harley uses guns simply to spare you from her sh33r physical strength

not to be a dumb rainbow loving hoe but like. oh fuck yeah

disappointing your parents is over, now disappointing OTHER peoples parents is whats in

people who GENUINELY think homestuck is JUST 8ad and pro8lematic are. so funny to me.

@vriskaleijon yes!!!! nepeta is named after a genus of catnip!! Nepeta cataria!!

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