I'd like to think this word was invented by a time traveler who wanted to win at a Scrabble game.


hi everyone. i'm pleased to anounce the new version of "uwu")

oh hi i'm just catching up on my favourite show

*cocks gun* If there isn't good communication it isn't healthy.

DSS 54 carrier lock on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Frequency: 2.2712GHz
Signal strength: -139dBm

@cquad cat picture? face rub. the skeleman i have acrush on? facerubs baby!! so ething stimmy? you fucking KNOW im rubbiny my face against it!!!!!

intelligent americans, seeing the name "day-Z": heh heh heh, it's like the flower
uncultured british/australian/NZ/etc people: what?? day zed????? i don't understand???????????

.gy is the TLD for guyana

it has .org.gy as a second-level domain, which, is unfortunate,

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

❀️ πŸ–

the homestucks mightve found me but... guess what... i, roxy @tirona, still love tf2 on main!

top five gaming tips

- don't be asleep
- avoid having brain surgery while gaming
- try to not lose
- don't die irl
- make sure your device is turned on

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