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hey if ur on the super sick pal club mc server im on there too !!! feel free to hit me up !!! my mc username is daviidstriider hehe

it's also worth pointing out that "Cave Johnson" is a valid kid name, whereas "GLaDOS" is a valid troll first name.

Coincidence? Definitely not.

dirty bastard man probably lives offa fuckin.......ramen and faygo. he is a Weak gremlin and i cannot wait to snap him like a kitkat

HA ! im like 3 inches taller than hussie !!!! oh his ass is GRASS

youre jade, theyre jade, THEYRE jade, are there anymore jades i should know about?

god fun fact my parents like never bothered to get me like, checked (god i hope that sounds the way i intended) for autism so guess ill die

if yall do find hussie hmu so i can deliver an asswhooping right to his front door, free of charge!

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it actually lowers your hunger bar since sparkling water is just that fucking nastey

i had an idea earlier
minecraft mod that adds sparkling water. the normal sparkling water is made by combining a water bottle and a piece of soul sand (since soul sand makes the bubbles nyow), then you can flavor it with like various items i guess.

vsauce! michael here
you can run, but you can't hide

just watched the only remotely cool and not absolutely fuckign Wild person i follow on tumblr reblog three consecutive darkiplier posts and thats IT yall

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