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u kno whats REALLY big and dark tho? fuckin space man. shits always expanding n shit like. got black holes. galaxies. planets. what if. what if theres Thats a concept i ccan get behind

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a girl: strong and has a tough exterior but is reelly just super soft n kind

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capitalists have no rights. capitalists (should not be) protected under the constitution. if you are a capitalist, i WILL find you and then you will be sorry buster. unfollow me right fucking now if you are a capitalist, have ever been a capitalist, or ever will be a capitalist. this is not a joke.

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if any of yall have any cool sorta like tech-y/gamercore themes fur tumblr hmu im remaking my blog theme

ive got hair ties (rubber bands) on my fingers like jade rn and most are fine and fun but my middle fingers circulation is 😬

i want. a knife. i have no need fur one but i WANT one.

httyd has some of the best het relationships ive seen in children's media hiccups parents are SO in love

also the fact that the way they animated toothless makes him very catlike which is a fat Kin

when i was little i saw toothless and went :o !!!!!! and hm.....ive always been a kinnie

everytime i remember goofy has a kid it feels like a kick to the diaphragm like,.....

my religion is those funky lil god dudes at the end of minecraft

psa: i love. that is all !! i love !! i am loving !!

*states into the eyes of god* my STRIFE SPECIBUS is VRISKAKIND and needless to say in this scenario you are a DEFINITE TAVROS NITRAM

♪ʘ♪ @davidstrilonde how can it b good if it almost nvr functions ;n;

wait hold on i have another better example uhhh i cant ufccking find the screenshot but i got publicly called out in mc fur listening to how bad can i be on repeat

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