image description 

an adapted phase change diagram (normally showing at what pressures/temperatures things melt/vaporize)
ADHD Phase Change Diagram
A two axis graph with Attention on the x axis and Anxiety on the y axis.
solid is replaced with Staring Off Into Space, liquid is Mindless Scrolling, gas is Staying Up Too Late Because If You Go To Bed, Tomorrow Happens, and supercritical is Actually Starting Something

@digitalCream tag urself, I'm "staying up too late because if you go to bed, tomorrow happens"

@digitalCream There are so much less distractions during late night

I had to buy my christmas presents after 1am I wouldn't have done it otherwise ;_;

@digitalCream <= this bitch is still not diagnosed with ADHD because she's procrastinating taking the appointment

@digitalCream where's the part where you let your anxiety get too high and you don't do the thing

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