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shit you might want to know about me i guess Show more

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- ralsei
- gohan
- dave strider
- halexander's fursona
- every existing early 2000's era website that just has the most eyebleeding stuff all over it
- limbo warframe
- minecraft steve
- alphonse elric
- the sand guardian vine
- RTGame
- Mr. Spender from Paranatural
- Lucifer (the spirit in Spender's glasses not the devil) (then again whos to say theyre not one and the same)

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goodnight people im gonna sleep and dream of very good boys...

oh fuck i just remembered i was gonna draw my fursona
ill do it tomorrow i need to use the sleep

btw this applies to both homestuck bards and dnd bards
seriously every bard character ive played alongside has this fucking uncanny ability to just never get hit

its a well known fact that bards seem oddly resistant to death

im gonna take jeff bezos's head and fortnite dance on his grave while i drain his bank accounts

hey sorry ive been inactive here just been busy getting into a better situation irl and such

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