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guys the sims 4 is free right now if anyone wants it. id be freaking it if i didn't have it.

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rage class: can be paired with another class or an aspect, but whatever it's paired with, the rage just has to fucking destroy them. the rage's entire life purpose is to just annihilate every player they see with that class/aspect. they would sooner perish than mind their own business when a player like that is around. they dont have any special introspectivey powers. they are just filled with seething hatred.

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ackchewally, jenny's skaia url is gnna be nepeta because it was available

we found the only two anime cosplayers at a convention

hey so in the wake of whatever is going on here me and the other leafs are gonna be making skaia accounts, we're not gonna be leaving here unless this place dies down a bunch but you'll be able to find me, jenny, and karako at the same usernames on there as we have here as soon as we make accts

ok wig the cosplayer pulled the "im not coloring my skin and i dont think you should need to fit any physical criteria to cosplay" card so im just gonna let them go out there and get their shit wrecked by someone else

lily story good. reasons: no matter which model you choose you get all the same items to put on them, the only difference is the "male" model has its tiddies out

white person on my insta: i wanna cosplay angie dangan ronpa
me, sweating: ✉✉✉ HELLO???

hot take hour, i word, endgame 

ok now I gotta go but I just wanna say i watched part of the beginning of grease and frenchie and sandy should be girlfriends

in the sense of the term, because people steal the videos all the time

they used to call them maps but then that term got stolen

bad post 

didnt happen im just scenarioing 

If Jesus joined Masto, he would forgive us.

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