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do you guys like the nonants? most of the suits were taken from extended card sets, fleurs is an original suit. there's a version with and without face placements. the rest should be self explanatory but i like this concept

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rage class: can be paired with another class or an aspect, but whatever it's paired with, the rage just has to fucking destroy them. the rage's entire life purpose is to just annihilate every player they see with that class/aspect. they would sooner perish than mind their own business when a player like that is around. they dont have any special introspectivey powers. they are just filled with seething hatred.

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i miss the no tiddies days. now i have to look for BINDERS but its ok because i can go feral in a binder, tanktop and trunks

cw for possibly triggering term in the media but its rc'd Show more

a few writing quadrants moodboards in the media (all art is from the author neomints)... wait for it... wait for it... the kinnie one is coming

i feel bad for babies growing up learning both spanish and english rn because they're gonna have to deal with the wild difference in genre between bebe tiburon and baby shark

ok slugs have many homes and snails have one home

*thinks about trans boy nepeta* nice

snails have homes and slugs roam the yard and curl up in a leaf

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