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gosh u kno my icon? super lovey isabelle? thats me when i hear praise/validation from my girlfriend 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

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in all honesty heres my kin list:
- peridot (su)
-asriel (undertale)
-niko (oneshot)
-isabelle (animal crossing)
-ralsei (deltarune)

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heres a secret: busy with secretary work is isabelle code for me being kinda dumb being a little slow or feeling exhausted hehe /w\

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if any of u are wonderin about what my username is from, i made it after the first kitty in space, felicette!! she's a french cat who's super cute n i like space a lot n im also a cute girl cat so thats why i chose it!!!!!!!!!! :3 :ms_cat_grin: 🌌 🚀

theres so many trans lesbians in jerma's chat.... its so good

just watching................. streams and not thinking! its the life

this is my first free week this summer... its so nice

im watchin jerma play super mario maker 2

its gud

im gettin so many commissions of my sona!!!! yey :3

:33 < jesus christ when did 20 different people like and boost that scr33nshot i posted

I have a twitter! follow me if you want.,,, sample of the posts i make

*walks up to andrew hussie* oh hey you're're that guy who Sucks

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