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gosh u kno my icon? super lovey isabelle? thats me when i hear praise/validation from my girlfriend 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

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in all honesty heres my kin list:
- peridot (su)
-asriel (undertale)
-niko (oneshot)
-isabelle (animal crossing)
-ralsei (deltarune)

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heres a secret: busy with secretary work is isabelle code for me being kinda dumb being a little slow or feeling exhausted hehe /w\

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if any of u are wonderin about what my username is from, i made it after the first kitty in space, felicette!! she's a french cat who's super cute n i like space a lot n im also a cute girl cat so thats why i chose it!!!!!!!!!! :3 :ms_cat_grin: 🌌 🚀

watchin @nepnep play baba is u......... nepnep is cute and isabelle is love :3 💛

sleepy bitch disease is why me and my boyfriend can't watch anime for more than a couple hours on date night because i get so weirdly snoozy

everyone who sees or retoots this is valid and important and will have good things happen to them

they call it the playstation 3 because when you see it you turn 3 radians and walk away

i dont like using the word feral to describe me much cause it doesnt really apply but.. i go feral when i listen 2 talking heads jdjsjaj

:33< reminder that OTGW, Gravity Falls, Hilda, and moominvallwy all definitely take place in the same universe

From a common room, a view outside the spinning window, watching the solar panels and the moon go by..

Oh for dnd I always do half elf/dragonborn bc I'm an edgy bitch but I'm pretty

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