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aLl I WaNt Is FoR y'AlL tO tAkE yOuR mOd DeCiSiOnS wItH a BiT mOrE tHoUgHt PuT iNtO tHeM

bAn Me ThEn FoR cArInG aBt SaFeTy AnD aCcEsSiBiLiTy

pLuS tHe AcCeSsIbIlItY iSsUe WaSn'T cOnSiDeReD aT aLl AnD iT's ObViOuS iT wAsN't

iF iT wAs ThOuGhT oUt ThEn YoU wOuLd HaVe HaD sEcUrItY mEaSuReS bEfOrE iMpLeMeNtInG tHeM

cUz ThE jUsT tHe ImPlEmEnTiNg Of ThE sIgNaTuReS wAsN't ThOuGhT oUt At FuCkInG aLl

"lOoKiNg InTo" It'S oBvIoUs YoU dOn'T cArE

wHy EvEn BoThEr WiTh ThE sIgNaTuReS iN tHe FiRsT pLaCe If ThE cOnS oUtWeIgH tHe PrOs LmAo

nOt OnLy Is It A bAd IdEa BuT fUcKiN aNnOyInG tOo LmAo

drug m 

sHe SaId ThAt JeWiSh PeOpLe WeReNt AlLoWeD tO hAtE cHrIsTiAn RaIsEd PeOpLe LiKe BrUh ThAtS aNtIsEmItIc ItS nOt ThAt HaRd To GrAsP

lMaO sHe SaId ChRiStIaNs WeReNt OpPrEsSoRs I dUnNo HoW yOu CaN mIsInTeRpReT tHaT

iF yOu HaTe MoSt ChIlDrEn GeT oFf A sItE tHaT mAiNlY hAs ChIlDrEn On It YoU wEiRd MoThErFuCkEr

gUeSs WhAt BeInG a DiCk To MiNoRs IsNt CuTe

iVe NeVeR tAsTeD a BiTtEr ThInG tHaT wAs GoOd In AnY sEnSe Of ThE wOrD

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