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INT, messy living room.

*Jane stands there on their chair looking at the wall while typing on the mouse*

Jane: Please begins me, i've been inserting coins on the life machine for years now.

*Sudden nothing happens.*

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NDRV3 Liveblogging, Here we go again.. 

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"Despite everything you thought, it seems you're not always you for the people around you."

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Cursed HS look alike discourse. 


Good morning Ms.Paint, we hope you'll feel better.

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TMW beakless Daffy is just basic Makoto Naegi dresscode

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That's a good idea actually AR, a MBTI 16 personality types with your kins.

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I have many choices about kinning, i could do a MBTI mock up i guess.

Me: hehe, people flipping their shit.
Also me: hehe.. angry people, danger danger they might hurt me.

why are traumas ruining everything?

You ever just, look at gamers ragequiting? It's, something. They have so many emotions, i'm just sitting there watching them, saying to myself: bruh, just dissociate, it's ok, chill dude.

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"Be excellent to each other, party on dudes"

shit i have a case of Feel with a big F

Music posting. 

I sort of hate and also love how my entire persona can be resumed to an era and music genre..

Meh, i hate those moments where i feel like "i miss lurking on 4 chan"

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It's a weird feeling when your Markov chain bot made after you is tooting stuff, and you love it, so you want to reboost it, but it's also "you", and it also feels like "obnoxious self love"..

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