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INT, messy living room.

*Jane stands there on their chair looking at the wall while typing on the mouse*

Jane: Please begins me, i've been inserting coins on the life machine for years now.

*Sudden nothing happens.*

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NDRV3 Liveblogging, Here we go again.. 

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"Despite everything you thought, it seems you're not always you for the people around you."

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Cursed HS look alike discourse. 

Not directly related to writing, but to art or any creative activity: it's fine if the outcome isn't perfect, it's better sometimes to let it "raw", when you refined something over and over, you don't always make it pure, you sometimes just make it dull.

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lesbians defying capitalism AND beating cops

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read my story abt lesbians defying capitalism or perish

oh shit, *looks at the time*
Don't forget your meds folks

Interesting *writes more bs down about reverse engineering the types thing*

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// hey folks!

// for its fifth anniversary, I've re-released my first ever album (from an old project), including the two demos who never been finished back then. It's still my fav work to these days so I hope you'll enjoy it too! ]

#mastoart #music #tootradio #pouetradio #cyberpunk

The concept of splinters is an umbrella name to gather all the double and alternate copies of Dirk, because the dude is so obsessed with himself and figuring his own shit he experiments on "himself" by creating duplicates and putting them into trials to see whatever the fuck happens

and then he gets mad because they all become better because they all change while he stays the same

and oh god i do kin this

Funny how Dirk gets only "good" when he's mixed with something/someone else.

Even funnier from a dude who .. doesn't react.

And yeah, Splinter, as i am not (sadly?) the real deal.
I'm a weird mix of Dirk and Dave, and Arquius too.

Brain: How splinters take a shower? The same as you dumbass, we get nice and wet, then, we dissociate.

It is settled then.
Tomorrow morning is going to be fun.
Spoiler: it won't

I know, that's why i have to do it, i have to commit, or i'll become a bootleg bro and that's not good

Note to self: take a shower while wearing the Bro shades.
Extra note to self: it's a terrible idea, because tangled hair, but i'm a dumb kinnie

Wait, some of you take off your fashionable triangles/circles/squares?

Anxiety, bad. Can we do anything to help?

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