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INT, messy living room.

*Jane stands there on their chair looking at the wall while typing on the mouse*

Jane: Please begins me, i've been inserting coins on the life machine for years now.

*Sudden nothing happens.*

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"Despite everything you thought, it seems you're not always you for the people around you."

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Cursed HS look alike discourse. 

Jadebot you 're getting more and more confusing you sound like Hal.

Nightmares logs. 

It happens, so easily, visceral feeling and sort of "they saw right through myself" moment

"green bird" oh shit oh fuck i made myself sad now

just for the lulz i'm gonna say "i headcanon myself as a [whatever identity]" rather than "i use x pronouns"

TL; DR: Gatekeeping sucks, bootlicking is for fools, labels are only what they are: labels, and their meaninareis both a subjective pov and a personal experience matter

if y9u want pe9ple t9 respect y9ur identity, the 6est thing t9 d9 is lead 6y example and sh9w that y9u can respect 9ther pe9ple even if y9u d9n't understand their identity 9r why they identify that way. their experiences aren't y9ur t9 judge 9r c9mpare y9urself t9, just like the cishets sh9uldn't judge 9r c9mpare y9ur experiences 9f gender t9 theirs. Y'all d9n't all have t9 6e he/him in the same exact way, and y9u d9n't need t9 get what s9me9ne's g9ing thr9ugh t9 validate them

p9licing 9ther pe9ple's identities als9 disc9urages f9lks fr9m expl9ring their gender and sexuality 9ut 9f fear 9f 6eing ridiculed, shamed, 9r 9therwise disrespected, which can lead t9 pe9ple feeling f9rced t9 stay in the cl9set 9r just n9t learning h9w t9 6e an individual 9r t9 perceive themselves pr9perly

and also the fact a single set of pronouns can have a lot of different meaning and identities, because an identity is more than a set of pronouns and everyone chooses their set for a reason.

The only problem is always the minority writing "in stone" what should be what and who can be x or y.

This, if you fear oppression because another minority can be confused with your then it's not their fault but the fault of the oppressor.

I can't think of a reason why would someone be against it.

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