Sometimes, the most basic stuff like just knowing a tune by heart and being in sync with it when it plays? Good stim.

And damn the ads in the 90's were racist af.

And not just the ads.

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That reminds me of some old french ad for the laundry...

I wonder how we french would be.. oh right, they've done it with Abel in sf4

And this is why this reality is lame, we need to alchemize all those random shit.

I drink my coffee with nothing else, just plain coffee.

Shell is more into choccy milk, but cold, not warm.

Mystak is more of a cinnamon orange tea person.


And Laura loves choccy milk too, but hot.

Tea is good, but i prefer coffee, we all have our drink of choice in this system.

Monokuma? Can't be me, i'm the ultimate plain Jane.

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