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"Despite everything you thought, it seems you're not always you for the people around you."

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I have to admit, i never thought i wouldn't be recognized.

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Nap time, see you later people. Take care, y'all are good.

You ever just look at your joke kins folder and be like: "shit.. there's a pattern" ? Because that's how much of a fool i feel right now.

And now i have the need to draw myself in that style. *rubs their hands and grabs the mouse*

I have to say.. Valid.. no, even better, touché.

Broke: making fun of stims
Woke: sharing your stims!

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stimming isnt cringey or annoying or a joke or a trend that doesnt deserve to 8e taken seriously spread the word

Broke: soylent green is people
Woke: Grubcakes.

I assume this person is your sister?
Well anyway, hello, and welcome.
:bro: 👋

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:33 < hussie doesnt own the trolls anymore. theyve all b33n reclaimed

And there can be more than one "true" answer about how to reclaim a character, that's what HC are for.

If it makes sense for you, if it helps you, if it allows you to have a representation, then go for it.

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:33 < reclaiming characters from their shitty source material is valid

Projecting mental issues on character is almost everytime a due reclaim because of how wrong/badly they're written anyway.

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