No need to contain Jerma, he's contained himself in a SIMS replika.

Mutual aid 

This is my first #mutualaid post and admittedly I'm a little embarrassed because I'm not used to asking for help.

I'm a Mexican trans girl that's 200 USD short of a debt I have to pay within the next few days, but honestly I can really only bring myself to ask for 100. If you could spare a part of that, I would really appreciate it.

My email for Paypal is:
Or my Venmo is: @ Temmie19

Thanks for your help.

the autistic urge to press my headset against my ears in rhythm with the beats of the soundtrack i'm listening

sometimes, remembering a wholesome touching story is enough to brighten up my day

listening some Panchiko - Deathmetal again, the story of this album and its band is neat

our cats don't meow much, but they know bapping on the door or the window will get our attention

once they caught it, they will move, asking us to follow them, either to open the door/window or resupply the food dispenser

I love this instance :)
Funky iconic gay folks living on my screen

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