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INT, messy living room.

*Jane stands there on their chair looking at the wall while typing on the mouse*

Jane: Please begins me, i've been inserting coins on the life machine for years now.

*Sudden nothing happens.*

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NDRV3 Liveblogging, Here we go again.. 

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"Despite everything you thought, it seems you're not always you for the people around you."

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Cursed HS look alike discourse. 

Time for us to go to sleep.

Today has been a good day, a lot of good things happened

Goodnight Trollian and tootuals, we will see you tomorrow.

First experience on mastodon was and a few months later i made an account here as a side/me going off account.

And for months now, it's been my main.

Immune to crowd control? It's because you're not rooting enough for them.

RL, Rose Lalonde, or Raid Leader for all the old mmo players.

And i want to say how nice you all are. I mean it. You people are all treasures.

Thank you Damare, i appreciate this. :) I'm glad to be around you.

I don't know what, or who i am, but i am here, or at least it feels as such

Brain: Cronus is Johny Bravo.

I guess brain, i guess

Bro, i'm straight up not having a good time! /j <--K

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