I can't, i love the character, but i feel way too connected now, HELP

oh fuck, no, no no no, i just realized something bad, i have the same eyes as Zote....

Zote ASMR, from stressed to in the zone to soul being absorbed, i don't feel anything anymore, help.

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Zote has singing in my head for the last 40mn and i actually beat 2PB so far and got a sub 7mn for my sum of bests.

F, but it's not that bad, it's written just bellow the stream anyway

"speedrunning" shitpost, Celeste and Hollow knight ment 

My head when i try to do again in sitting all Celeste C sides in a row, deathless.

The eternal ordeal - Hollow Knight:


*Dragon Ball Shenron voice*: This is far beyond my knowledge.

weird, it shouldn't be a thing
Token doesn't change, do they? *proceeds to do a quick search*

Video game and pizza?

oh no, oh god, the music is stuck in my head

Pesto Anchovi - Pizza Tower


I can't even think straight, so don't expect me to not be homo any time soon

Heck, i can even ramble about how Duke Nukem is nothing but a mix and match of stolen content

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It's also not that surprising as many composers of the era took some huge "inspirations" from famous band.

*glances at the Doom and Duke Nukem composer for exemple*

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