I'm currently lost in the "top 10 waifus" threads and vids on reddit and youtube, this is so bad, what am I doing with my life.

Building furnitures, dope, it's like LEGO but 1:1 size.

Good afternoon, dreams are unsettling. How are you all doing?

NGL, it feels weird to see an artist with the same name as one of my kins.

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The vibes check has been done, the result: not terrible, not great.

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The fear when you discover a new artist and you have to carefuly perform a background check before getting attached to them.

Being a healer/medic in video games is nice.

It's a special kind of wholesomeness.

People are extra nice nowadays, that's a welcome change from the last decade.

People are weird.

I had a random person on steam, commenting on a screenshot of a game i took like almost 3 years ago, the comment is not about the game itself but it's a trade request (SCAM) for my TF2 backpack, game i haven't played in years too.

I wish I could do astral projection, so i could visit people and still be awkward nevertheless.

FFXIV sidequests, sure why not i guess 

Me: I'm gonna do a sidequest so i can farm a triple triad card.

The game: I'm gonna make you emotional with brooms.

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