I am conflicted about animals, on one hand they are extremely friendly, on the other hand, I don't understand them and it is stressing me out

Dear dog, I just don't get what I did to you for making you feel so happy to be around me, but I think you are misunderstanding about my character.

@flhoofyEars dogs dont care about character, they care about pets and also whether or not you are neutral or better towards them ///

@flhoofyEars seriously, they have a genetic predisposition to like everyone ///

@flhoofyEars it's actually the result of thousands of years of selective breeding ^-^ they don't know other ways to be unless they're taught them ///


@seventy yeah, that is a reason why I feel bad about humanity, we turned many species dependent of us.

Dogs have the best end of the stick, but, yeah, feels wrong on the ethical side

@flhoofyEars yeah, but it's not like anyone who's been alive for thousands of years had much of a say. ///

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