If you know this, you get a veteran discount

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< @flhoofyEars eleOs knOws this.

but this is FrOm a terrible sOurce and she's asame OF it >

@chaoticKitsune Big same, still, 4chins was a "fun" time, a terrible kind of fun, but still fun.

< < @flhoofyEars eleOs : iF i say tO yOu /tttt/ dO yOu understand why ? > >

< @flhoofyEars eleOs : i mOstly standed On /lgbt/ in my dark years >

@chaoticKitsune I was your typical /b/ored lurker. Nothing fancy, we saw some typical wild/bad shit we surely never needed to see.

< @flhoofyEars eleOs : Oh /b/ yeah OF cOurse.

and i think i dOwnlOaded maybe 1k wallpapers FrOm /w/, and 500 pics FrOm /c/ (FrOm my Fav anime chars OF cOurse) >

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