YGO shopping list 

I'm looking for a neat playmat but none of the official designs are both to my tastes AND affordable.

So I thought I might as well just get a custom one, nothing bought yet, but I like the preview.

Watching this boxart, I'm just like: wtf pseudorealistic Marco from Metal Slug fighting against zombies?

It's Megaman time, let's talk about splinters, clones, hidden siblings and grumpy oldmen fighting eachothers with remote electronic dolls.

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French, crypto, probably a fake mail 

Qu'estce que putain de quoi?

Yet another YGO TCG post 

Just received and put that bootleg Dark Magician in a sleeve.

He sucks, his effect is terrible, his summoning condition is terrible, he cannot be searched, he cannot be cheated from the GY, but I like his drip so I adopted him.

A YGO MD tragedy in 2 acts:
Nice SR and UR you got there but these are not the cards I'm looking for.

But right now, it's Sesame Star time (Super Mario Land 2 Star Maze x Sesame Street/Octagon)

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YGO TCG youtuber tearing and burning Mystic Mines on their last video with the EBanList being released.

You'll not be missed, you remind me of Sonic 2's Mystic Cave pit:

One day, I'll chug coffee in one go, from the pot, like Teal'C.

DMG is cute, but I cannot help but feel uncomfortable with such a pose and such an "innocent looking face"

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YGO TCG shopping 

The BLCR set is around the corner (released next week) and because it's going to be reprinted, the Premium Gold rare AT's price is dropping nicely, I hope it will continue to go down and down.

People do love their Secret Rares so there is a huge change the demands for the reprint on the market is going to be strong, which is all fine by me, I do not fancy that rarity, the texture is meh to my eyes.

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TF2 meme, mental health 

Me, as the Heavy weapon guy, shouting in the headspace: WHO TOUCHED MY SEROTONIN?!

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