When your keyboard says a lot about where you live hehe

Love is stored is in this instance, and that's pretty dope.

@TheScotchBox Understandable. I hope every little thing is gonna be alright.

If we can somehow do anything to help, feel free to ask, you're appreciated here. 👍

Why a pear you might ask? It's because of a historic reason, old french meme portrayed the king as a pear because of his face, he was so disconnected from the rest of the country he couldn't understand why people were either hungry or angry at him.

It might be a figure of speech/expression like "je suis une pauvre pomme/une belle poire" "i am a poor apple/good pear" which mean being either a fool or someone gullible.

Je/I suis/am en/in (but i think you mean : une/an) pomme/apple.

Because french is just like that one techbro who doesn't want to properly upgrade his set up and will rather patch it to oblivion into a monstruosity rather than starting from scratch and have something meaningful and clean.

rofl, bocal means jar in french

so i'm picturing a jar of jam singing now

I'm metal, my handle litteral is Fe. Same for Mystak's (Au)

@nyapeta I guess, i mean, 80% of what i drink is coffee, sooooo :')

"coffee is dehydrating" but.. it has water in it..


More seriously tho, i just hope anxiety won't be a jerk, because screw that asshole.

Hey Aven, remember when you used to tell me to go down a peg on coffee? :y

Caffeine, to just feel as tired, but with a quicker BPM

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