I'm not a speedrunner, i'm a wanderer, but i'll definitely try to walk through any path i'm given, speedrunner included

The racist museum of abuse thread. Read if white 🙃 

I have not gotten this much racist abuse since joining the fediverse. I have gotten isolated cases of harassment on twitter but nothing of this scale or as pervasive. The fediverse is racist and white people do nothing about it. Let's start with some slurs to hook you up.

Let's see if any of you white people can stomach this thread 🙂​

Yet another victory lap around the sun. Congratz. 🎊


Might also work on building a singleton deck, preferably a 60 cards one. (Only one copy for each card)

I so want to mesh together the Dark Magician, the Magician Girls and the Chaos/BLS monsters together.

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I might have an unexpected turn in the future, the idea to play a "blue eyes" deck is getting a hold onto me.

A BEWD Chaos deck with the Impcantation engine, nothing amazing, but simple enough and I love my ritual monsters so much.

Eventually I'll get on building a proper chaos/BLS deck when the new BLS retrain will be released for March.

YGO shopping list 

I'm looking for a neat playmat but none of the official designs are both to my tastes AND affordable.

So I thought I might as well just get a custom one, nothing bought yet, but I like the preview.

YGO TCG shopping stuff 

And.. I bought some cards again, almost 70 this time. Lots of oldies, side deck options and the whole magician girls sub archetype.

Sort of, but also it sounds like he would also just connect with her in a "screwy way" since we're talking about plugging in and being wired

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