Things hasn't changed one bit, people are so thirsty.

Are you catfishing for money on the sea of the foolish chasers?

@eleos There fun, but full of bad content, slurs, and stuff, it's like "Epilogue" bad at times.

Lots of offensives dialogues and stuff for the shock value and also "because they're all teenagers"

@eleos I can't wait for you to learn about her, and if you already know, well damn right it is :D

it doesn't change much, it might affect it, but not to the point of making it sounding like the typical [insert binary gender here]

goddamnit, Dan will be included in the current/next SFV update?

I feel legaly obliged to buy the game now. Well, to upgrade it.

It's hard for me to make friends, people barely notice my existence, i don't speak. 🤔

:33 < @​flhoofyEars Now you know how to make friends with and interact with people. there's gotta be something i'm doing wrong..."

I wonder how i would look if i cosplayed Dirk as "me".

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