Hal, pls, you're calling me out even before i posted

Selfie, eye contact. 

@lunaticScientist Thanks. You're pretty good too. :bro: 👍

Both pretty and good.

Music posting 

Voyager - Future Retro (1997)
Some good old ambiant DnB


Selfie, eye contact. 

Strange mood/shift tonight, i feel better like this rather being "me".

Patreon announcement from HS2, they don't have enough people giving x dollars per month.

I'm a sucker for content, but also broke, so sucks to be you HS2 team, i won't give more.

You know it's cold around here when your coffee is already lukewarm after 2mn.

You're almost there, it's gonna be an annoyance for the last part, but i know you'll succeed.

Video game, Celeste, spoiler 

Redoing 7-B was nice and not as hard as the first time, all this just for getting a screenshot of Part of me going "we're gods now!"

Today in my splinters are more interesting than me, Durandal is a composer according to themself.

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