From an physical pov, you can't not vibe, if you don't vibrate, you've reach the absolute 0, and you'd be super dead, and frozen.

Update: whole me is numbed and warm, screw being human, screw having a body, i'm a floating head above a pillow fort. I am now a god.

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I am now rolled into 2 layers of irony Momxy, i wish i had my internship.

Brain: now say that again for yourself..

It is ok to vent, you don't have and you can't keep everything within yourself forever. We "worry" because we care, and because we can help if you ever need, also, we just want to show our support.

@residentlesbian fair enough, if you ever need help before Friday, let us know.

I am now rolled into 2 layers of blankets, i can barely move and i feel like a grub.
I also feel better now. Being human, not even once.

Brain thinks like a corporate 

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Me: let's think about something.
Brain: You know, all your headmates and personas are just some idealized concept of yourself that evolved on their own once you realized/decided they weren't you, because you don't accept the idea you would be anything more than depressed and helpless.
Me: Let's not think THAT much, ok?

Me: i wish i could think about stuff, anything.
Brain, suddenly makes me selfconcious.

Random youtube videos spree, and i came upon this. There might be a god after all.

This bot, i swear to god, manage to make me smile in ways i shouldn't.

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@flhoofyEars As a Strider, i couldn't be more agreeing with me, this one is a bit scarred for the sake of hitting on Death, the embodiment of serenity. Both are good persons doing their best, and if it's always good.

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