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I will call that pfp "Pogasus" for obvious reasons.

When the joke becomes a display name and now I had to commit to it fully and edit a pfp.

Now I recall the plugins for world of warcraft when each input in your action bar made a sound and so you could make some "music" while beating people up.

Just bards things.

have fun, you get a dope unicorn once you're level 30 cnj

YGO DL shitpost 

Me @ the autoduel bot when it doesn't set up the trap card Magician Navigation on the field for 3 turns straight.

"My coffee should be just warm enough to drink."
The cup is empty, it seems we already drank it.

I hate dissociating.

*thinks about the differences between the YGO manga and the anime.*
Brain: It's just the OG epilogues.
I hate this

Also, probably gonna watch yet another video essay on YGO or begin to watch Go Rush (It's either that one or GX)

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Just woke up, almost not coughing anymore, the throat still looks nasty though, I should be fine in the next few days.

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