👀 i have worldbuilding discord with a conlang channel linked in my carrd if either of you are interested >:]

i like conlanging :] i don't do much aside from writing systems & how they've influenced the cultures in my worlds but they're very fun. general worldbuilding is my main special intersting >:]

OH POG HELLTAKER ICON? hi :] you are epic

thanks >:] i switched from my usual purple as a discord role a while ago & i really like it!! it's also very easy to remember (#009977)

it's surprisingly easy here! all i had to do was fill in some form on the nhs website and then attend the phone call session every week

hey!! i've been fine! worked through a lot of personal stuff i now have a therapist to help with that Quarantine Depression >:]

god it's been a very long time since i was last here. hi trollian

i searched trollface the other day to make a funny meme and now every time i type troll and press enter to get here it takes me to my google image search of trollface

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jake you really liked that post huh not ONLY does it have your timezone but also teeth!

the stuff! that has been happening! recently! but like not a bad part of it kinda? 

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i may or may not have voted twice but that bit of minutiae can easily be swept under the rug

it was a mod election the two candidates yes and no went head to head

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