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JuMpEd Up To 102 FoLlOwErS ProBaBlY bEcAuSe SoMeOne HaD mY nAme BeFoRe

If YoU'rE FoLlOwInG mE aNd DoN't KnOw WhY i HaTe To Be ThE bEaReR oF BaD NeWs BuT yOu ToTaLlY GoT MoThErFuCkIn CoNnEd >:o)

i tHiNk gAmZeE iS tHe MoSt UnDeR rAtEd ChArAcTeR

TiMe FoR Me tO uNlOcK tHe aNsWeRs tO mY mOsT BuRnInG oF qUeStIoNs

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"d0 y0u really need t0-"

normalize torturing your redmate with looping clown horn honking in a discord music bot.

SoMeOnE SuMmOn mE wItH tHe mOtHeRfUcKiN WiCkEd SeCrEt GaMzEe RiTuAl wHeN iT sNoWs sO tHaT i cAn bEaR wItNeSs tO tHaT sHiT

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"wow bro how do you type like that so consistently"

PeOpLe sAy tHiS sHiT To Me LiKe iT's SoMe KiNd oF cHaLlEnGe. I jUsT HoLd DoWn sHiFt eVeRy oThEr LeTtEr iT's NoT CoMpLiCaTeD mAn

i HaVe zErO eNeRgY rIgHt NoW. I nEeD A mOtHeRfUcKeR tO dElIvEr sOmE BaTtErIeS uP iN tHiS BiTcH

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