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me: 1 dont have a lot of t1me on my hands to ma1nta1n soc1al med1a l1ke 1 l1ke to do
me also: hehe 1m go1ng to open 20 new accounts somewhere 1 have a new tw1tter! 1ts uncultured rn but you all r welcome to follow

*stalk1ng andrew huss1e outs1de h1s house w1th b1noculars stake out style* *he enters h1s house safely. 1 lower the b1noculars. 1 open a bag conta1n1ng my tools for the n1ght. theres only a sedat1ve and an electr1c razor* *1 make l1ke a >:) face* sleep well huss1e. 1m go1ng to make you a bald ass b*tch

*walks up to andrew hussie* oh hey you're're that guy who Sucks

do u ever follow someone for 20 m1nutes and they post someth1ng and ur l1ke "damn ur stup1d as hell" and leave

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somet1mes u need some t1me!! 1 def know how 1t 1s!! also 1ve been do1ng GREAT 1 m1ght ramble abt whats been go1ng down 1n my l1fe recently


tf 1 a1nt been onl1ne for 2 and a half weeks t1me 1s we1rd f*ck t1me

1 want to be aggress1vely homosexual 1n front of homophobes. somet1mes 1t just be l1ke that

1 w1sh the ant1lgbt server d1dnt ban me 1 want to be aggress1ve r1ght now

fr1end: no one w1ll buy my art :(
me: *breaks 1nto my wallet* u boutta exper1ence the wrath of my love

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