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who wants to get banned while i still have powers

hey im back idk for how long but i changed my profile 2 match anyway. curious whats going on over here. i still have admin powers... lol

imagine singlehandedly becoming more annoying than trollian by making an instance and filling everyones follower count with robot clout

i didnt block the instance bc i waznt really around for all this.... so idk!

gotta go thru like 400 of these mfkers i swear to god i will kill

honestlee fuck these follower bots im trying 2 send a migration notice

still not allowed in my public library bc i refuse to pay the 10 dollar fine for late items and i refuse to show my face around there knowing im a wanted criminal

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:33 < ill hook up with jeff bezos and steal his stock in the middle of the night /j

im only dating my bf for his cold hard cash

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:33 < im gonna marry a rich white guy and kill him for his money

ah i bet itll be alright!!

also im alright!! im doing things and liek. im full of anxiety but its ok

god we are cats today and nothing more

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im going crazy rn i feel like a mollusk

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