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hey kinnies i was given permission to share this homestuck kin quiz someone made

theyre trying to like. census what the most popular kinnies are so itd be cool if u entered

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i watched all these shows but rlly i wus a wow wow wubbzy and spongebob fool

i was typing a dumb journal paragraph

"i dont think im meant to have a meaningful impact in comedy, and probably not an impact to those that im friends with or socially really at all. i think maybe im a smaller player in the big picture. im meant to do very small insignificant things that gently push everything into motion"

and like. i dont tend to know myself very well but πŸ€” hm

huh. i think i just undiagnosed myself prince player

the best part of pineapples is the time limit you have until it dissolves you

if you dont want pineapples to digest you you gotta boil them

also pineapples are trying to digest you too

brb dumping a pixie stick directly into my nose

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