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weed but its for a mega man joke 

wily: -takes a fat hit from a bong- hmmmmm robot time

i think unless the other c sides surprise me that chapter 4 is my favorite overall now, i've started to love the wind mechanic

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3c is the most deaths i've gotten on a c side so far with uhh 200 something i forgot exact number already andc losed game

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this was my first time doing core a side now doing the b side for it

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the last few screens are stupid fun on this one

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my current favorites are uhhhh
chapter 4 and 6 for b sides, i still need to do 7 and 8

or well, i havent done all of them yet, but i'm getting there

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getting around to doing all the celeste b sides was a good choice

heard friends talk about jumping off spikes in hollow knight and i did it right at the start

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sometimes starting a game when ur friends have talked about them a lot leads to good results

thanks to game sharing i can now play hollow knight
will i ? not yet but eventually probably

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