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i have 2 goals
1. to play every fighting game ever
2. get more people into fighting games

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weed but its for a mega man joke 

wily: -takes a fat hit from a bong- hmmmmm robot time

if you've ever been interested in a dreamcast fighting game now is a really good time because we now have emulator rollback netcode with it
its still a wip but it's there and playable

idk if i ever wanna go past 150 people im following on twitter to avoid being exposed to people on twitter

reading x-men 

crazy how dark phoenix saga and days of future past are right next to each other

*bleeds out while sorry for party rocking by LMFAO is playing*

i have a boyfriend and i smile when i talk to him

oh yeah the time i hacked seb and did identity theft /j

this sounds specific i have image in my mind of like, doctor going onto twitter and talking about cooties

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gonna learn science so i can get into arguments on twitter and lie on purpose

i can just wait an hour to walk outside

im the only one with free will because im awesome

i wanna have nightcrawler on my profile since i'm reading x-men but at least this is still kinda fitting for that

i have a hard drive but no cable for it. oops

ayden is the only pfp that works for me

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