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weed but its for a mega man joke 

wily: -takes a fat hit from a bong- hmmmmm robot time

it has been 3 hours since i made this post. i am just now closing the game.

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you could wait for the steam release, whenever that happens

i have been playing dwarf fortress for 3 hours and did not realize it had even been close to 3 hours
this does not sound like much but i have been up for 4 hours

it is a good game. a dwarf got possessed and i had to kill an animal so they could make a family heirloom cup

help i'm getting into dwarf fortress

if you put every person who's played resident evil 2 into a room it would have to be a really big room

i have to download it first and it is 2x larger than i thought it would be. i will play resident evil 7 in 2 hours and 30 minutes

while everyone is playing resident evil 8 i am going to catch up by playing resident evil 7 for the first time

i saw a mischievous shithead i icon'd it

its weird how the older the fighting game the more likely you can play it with good netcode

guilty gear is funny getting a timing down semi consistently because the character sounds like she says ass when i have to do an input

you go through all this harsh journey and awful conditions and then you go to the hoard and you enjoy your picnic with your good buddy, smog (like smaug but pog)

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the goal is to go somewhere with at bare minimum 1 dragon hoard at a long perilous journey's distance

i know thats what it means i just find that fact really stupid funny

me when i am stefan and stefans son

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