Apparently the trials games (which you may know either from playing them, or from the ARG that literally won't be complete until after you're dead) are based on a real sport, with bikes that actually move like that. Who knew

I remembered the ARG thing halfway through writing this toot and couldn't not mention it because it's so funny to me

Deeply invested in this puzzle born out of a motorcycle racing series? Sucks to suck, maybe your kids will know what it's about

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@monorail its like the most "oh kids adventure story" thing ever like this mystery that you pass down to your grand children to go on a quest to like paris or some shit and solve a puzzle

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@monorail they go to it and find like a sticker that has a multiple decade out of date code to redeem for trials on the xbox 360

@goku no it's funnier than that, the ARG won't be finished until after we're dead by design

one of the steps in solving the puzzle is literally "wait 100 years"

@monorail dhdhdhdhsj i wonder how many people are gonna do their best to make sure their kid/grandkid finds out about the trials arg

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