i could sell things from my inventory on steam or wait 2 hours.

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question to gamers from gamer: is it worth potential feeling of loss later to not wait for 2 hours

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also i postэd thıs ın thэ dэad of thэ niğt бut thıs ıs ınspirэd бy a conвэrsation i had w silas thэ othэr day

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thıs mэmэ ısnt эвэn funny anymorэ noбody undэrstands mэ

remembering froslass made me think about how gen 4 had so many banger pokemon

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@monorail dhdhdhdhsj i wonder how many people are gonna do their best to make sure their kid/grandkid finds out about the trials arg

@monorail they go to it and find like a sticker that has a multiple decade out of date code to redeem for trials on the xbox 360

@monorail its like the most "oh kids adventure story" thing ever like this mystery that you pass down to your grand children to go on a quest to like paris or some shit and solve a puzzle

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