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every time i have a crush i kinda just step around everything BUT directly saying i have a crush until the other person picks up on it and does the same
this is not an efficient method but its worked twice

asking everyone ever on a date is a kinda brute force method but it'll work eventually i guess

i wish terraria had as many neat things with wiring as minecraft has with redstone

okay sorry can you use putting people into a loop of being terrified and sleeping from the undead into a automatic resource gathering process in roblox

my current goals in minecraft server with some random friends: make a bamboo farm and also an iron farm
my current goals in my regular survival world: make anything. just like anything.

is goku an anime girl

i was talking to someone earlier and finding out im almost a full year older than him was a shock

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finding out im older than someone is always a weird feeling because it very rarely happens

has anyone ever had g fuel? i hear about it a lot but i don't think i know anybody who has drank it

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