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i had a friend get into yttd but they also have bad taste is it good

i want to drink faygo at some point but the closest place with faygo is multiple hours away

better question

it sounds like it would either be shockingly amazing or just horrific

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i like diet sodas but i've honestly never had diet orange crush soda

what crush flavor is your favorite

i missed making crush polls if someone has a crush on me they will simply just have to tell me as usual

you know what i still haven't watched
back to the future
you know what im gonna watch after i go shower?
back to the future

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i factkin the guys that sang OOGA OOGA OOGA CHAKA over and over at the start of Hooked On A Feeling

who wants to factkin me i have a contract ready

factkinning the one dude who discovered fire

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