rose as in @fefairys :/ not rose art the brand... those crayons are trash!

i do not apologize for my rose art rebubble spam

me, designing a lineup of trolls: please youve given too many characters round glasses... just do something else im begging you...
me: he heee.... c i r c l e

here's who i've done actual nice drawings of so far
in order we have:
lithop (he/him)
kwista (she/her)
cleora (they) and malika (she)
chippy (he/they)

this is hayzel hemlis (they/them) and they CAN DO A KICKFLIP THEY DID ONE THIS MORNING

also in case i forgot to post about them previously lol here are vulpes lupius and amalia marlow respectively (both she/her)
they're in love

chippy and malika play minecraft together and chippy will give her presents all the time and she is very flustered by this

fan favorite kwista
(by fans i mean my close friends and no one else)

i wrote a friendsim script for lithop and i really thought i was gonna draw a ton of sprites for him lmao this is as far as i got

quadrants excluding litheau cause i hadn't planned on them being together lmao

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