Okay I Will But I Only Have Best-Selling RPG Tales Of Symphonia For The Nintendo Gamecube

I Am Rapidly Approaching Your Location And I Cannot Be Stopped

: )

I Reserve My Right To Be Offended Wherever I Please (As Long As It Doesn't Inconvenience Others)

Text Color Is Just

Weirdly Difficult To Implement Because All The Mastodon Forks Really Don't Like It And Strip It

People Who Have No Idea How Complicated Updating This Server Is Going To Be Who Are Bugging The Admin About When The Server Is Going To Be Update Make Kanaya Homestuck Angery

Refreshing Fixed It But That Was Still Weird

The Most Evil (I Will Stay Behind And Fix It So They Don't Have To Because I Would Feel Bad)

I Am Going To Go Into A Store And Move Everything Into The Wrong Place To Confuse Shoppers

Also I Thought I Updated The Default Avatar To The Dead One Again Weird

Oh Shit Oh God Oh Fuck Testament Is Too Powerful

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